Europe Off The Beaten Path


Europe Off The Beaten Path

Yes, there is the Eiffel Tower, and yes, there is Big Ben and the Roman Collosseum. But the true explorer will find many hidden gems unknown to most travelers, capturing lifelong memories, and a unique perspective of this most fascinating continent.

Did You Know That:

...Spain has Europe's only desert, located in the southern province of Almería, where Sergio Leone filmed many of his spaghetti westerns including "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with Clint Eastwood... read more's easy to rent an inexpensive and comfortable house boat in Southern France, saving both hotel and extra transportation costs, and you don't even need a driver's license... read more can tour Scotland staying in historical lighthouses, a wonderfully romantic way to experience northern Britain, seaview guaranteed, no extra charge...
read more

... Slovenia's Lipic region offers vacations on village farms, where you can enjoy views of the beautiful countryside from the back of a Lipizzaner stallion... read more

... Sweden's Sarek National Park in the Arctic circle is the biggest national park in Europe. with more than 100 glaciers, countless rivers and stunning mountains... read more

... 10 miles south of Naples is Herculaneum, Pompeii's richer sister with its beautifully preserved mosaics and frescos, all still at the excavation site rather than more

... Germany's "Rheinsteig", a newly opened walking trail runs for more than 300 kilometres through the Rhine Valley with outstanding views, castles and vinyards... read more

... Reykjavík is famous for its wild all night parties, where the cool atmosphere belies the island's volcanic interior more

... the Croatian coastline with its wonderful beaches, delicious local food and ancient history can satisfy even the most demanding traveler... read more

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